Tuesday, February 7

A couple schedule notes for the upcoming future: Starting February 18th Saturday morning Olympic Weightlifting and Elements will both start at 8:15 am and end at 9:15 am. The classes are still both an hour long and the 9:30 and 10:30 classes will remain unchanged. This will allow for smoother transition from those classes into the regular CrossFit Class. It IS NOT more time for weightlifting or Elements!

Our Olympic Weightlifting cycle concluded this past Saturday which means we will be taking this week off from Olympic Classes to deload before the new 12 week cycle starts on Thursday, February 16th. The upcoming cycle will take into account the fact that several lifters will be participating in the Spartan Open March 25th. The cycle will feature the right steps to get ready for that meet. If you're not lifting in the meet the cycle will still follow progressions to get you peaking at the end of the 12 weeks. The only difference is that the upcoming cycle will feature an earlier week of deloading followed by the meet week where you'll have some heavy percentages and the potential to max out. A normal cycle for us focuses on preparing for one max out week at the end of the 12 weeks.

We are going to feature some stuff on shoulder mobility and activation this week. Several of you have been complaining of tight shoulders. With our Open Prep in full swing we need to be taking care of ourselves to manage for the volume of work in our WODs. Please do yourself a favor and arrive to class a little early so that you can do some mashing and mobility to prepare your body for the workouts. If you see a lot of squatting you should loosen up your hips, ankles, and quads. Likewise, if you see a lot of overhead work it's a good day to get in early and loosen up your lats, thoracic spine, chest, and shoulder muscles. You can handle the work if you're willing to attack your self-mantainence (mobility) with the same focus as your high intensity WODs!

First up, some Mobility WOD focusing on releasing your lats. The lats are known for strength in the pull up, but they're also incredibly important for shoulder stabilization when moving loads overhead or away from our body (push up, bench press, etc). If your muscles are tight from being worked hard they will have less ability to contract fully and properly. Keep them loosened up to allow for better shoulder mobility and stability.


Workout for Tuesday, February 7

Shoulder Mobility - Focus on mashing and engaging Lats

Banded Twists 5X10 on Each Side Superset with: Dumbbell Rows (Plank Position) 5X5 Alternating Arms

10 Rounds - 1 min each round 15 Sec Max Effort Assault Bike 45 Sec Rest *Score is Total Calories. Feet on Pegs during Rest!*

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