Monday, February 13

Sort of a Monday post with a "Wrap-Up" theme. We had an awesome time on Saturday with a huge group of athletes attending the 9:30 am class. We aren't being party-poopers by starting to enforcing the 24 person cap, but it needs to happen in order to keep Saturday workouts where we want them to be. You MUST sign up for the Saturday 9:30am CrossFit Class prior to coming (you can sign up as soon as Monday). The cap is 24 people. Once the class is filled that is it. We want to preserve the ability to run a workout with barbells and full equipment with safety and efficiency. If you sign up and can't come you need to cancel your sign in or call us ASAP so that we can remove you from the class. There is a waiting list so if someone cancels another will be able to join. If you sign up and don't show without canceling you are taking the opportunity away from someone else to work out (failure to cancel will result in a charge on your account). It's the only capped class for Saturday so feel free to come to Weightlifting and Aerobic Capacity class without signing in ahead of time.

Another note for Saturdays is that Olympic Weightlifting and Elements will now run from 8:15 am to 9:15 am.

The new 12 week Olympic Lifting Cycle begins Thursday evening at 6pm. We are excited to be working towards those 2017 weightlifting goals and qualifying for the American Open Qualifier in Grand Rapids later on in September. We love watching you all progress each session thanks to your commitment week in and week out.

The Open is fast approaching so make sure you've signed up on our team! It's going to be a blast each weekend going max effort on the Open Workouts. The more people signed up and present for our Friday night extravaganza the better! Let's make it awesome!

Workout for Monday, February 13

Shoulder Mobility

Open WOD 13.3 12 min AMRAP 150 Wall Balls (20# to 10' / 14# to 9') 90 Double Unders 30 Ring Muscle Ups

Handstand and HSPU Practice 3 Sets of Max Effort HSPU - Max Strict THEN Max Kipping Handstand Hold and Walking Practice

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