Tuesday, February 14

Here's a pretty cool story from CBS News on Jacinto Bonilla. Bonilla was the oldest competitor at the 2011 CrossFit Games at the age of 72. He's still going strong and still competes with people 50 years younger. Bonilla provides more proof that age is not a limiting factor in health and exercise. Everyone can do CrossFit in some capacity and everyone can push themselves to new heights throughout his or her life.

I love seeing CrossFit portrayed accurately in the mainstream media. Hopefully people like Bonilla will continue to inspire people to give CrossFit a try and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Workout for Tuesday, February 14 Quad and Hip Mashing and Stretching

Barbell Romanian Deadlifts 5X5 Building Up with Good Position

5 Rounds For Time: 10 Slam Ball Twists 10 Slam Ball Facing Burpees 10/7 Cal Bike

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