Thursday, March 2

Last call for t-shirts! Get your order in by Friday evening! Also, we will have more official info on this soon, but wanted you to get it on your calendars now - the Mid-Summer Meltdown will be Saturday, June 17 this year. It will be a partner competition again and we are hoping to make it bigger and better than last year!

FAILURE IS FERTILIZER - from CrossFit Invictus coach Nichole DeHart

I thought this was the perfect article heading into week 2 of the Open. A lot of us didn't do as well as we wanted or expected on 17.1, but instead of dwelling on that or being sad about it, let's use it as fuel for 17.2.

What could you have done better? Would a better warm up have served you well? Could you have paced the early part better? Could you have pushed harder at the end?

Your answer to all of these may be "no." You may have done everything you were capable of and still not gotten the result you wanted. That's OK. That's what competition and sport does. It humbles us and shows us exactly what we are capable of.

However, if your answer to any of those questions is "yes," let's fix the problem for 17.2. Don't have any regrets when you finish the workout. Don't leave yourself guessing if you should do it again. Know that you did your best and be happy with the result because it was your best.

From the article, "It is this mindset that distinguishes elite athletes from others; their approach to their own shortcomings. No elite athlete has arrived at their peak without taking risks and facing failure. It is what they have done with their failures that has produced their success."

Workout for Thursday, March 2 10 min Row or Bike @ 150 BPM (24 to 26 beat in 10 sec) - 1 Minute of Max Effort Burpees - 10 min Row or Bike - 1 minute of Max Effort Double Unders or Hurdle Hops 10 min Row or Bike

Mobility of Choice in Remaining Class Time