Wednesday, March 8

Predator vs. prey mentality in athletes. I heard someone on a podcast talking about this idea, specifically related to CrossFit and thought it would be a good discussion to have approaching these Open workouts.

When the workout is announced are you immediately scared of it? Are you thinking about how bad it's going to be and trying to avoid parts of it? Do you have the prey mentality?

Or do you see the workout and get excited to tackle a new challenge? Do you think about your strategy and how you can attack each part and take advantage of your strengths? Are you a predator?

I can't wait to see what 17.3 will bring. Look, we know it's going to be hard. But your mental approach can make a huge difference.

Be the predator and attack the workout with everything you have. Don't run from it or approach it timidly. The predator doesn't stop when it gets tired. The predator pursues the prey with everything it has. Be the predator in 17.3.

Workout for Wednesday, March 8 Lat Mashing

Every 2 min for 14 min 2 Cleans and 1 Jerk Build Up Through Rounds - 10lb Jump Max!

3 Rounds for Time Row 15 cal 10 Clean and Jerks 115/85