Thursday, March 9

A few of you have asked about upcoming competitions after the Open so you can set some goals and stay motivated. Here are a few we know about for sure and I will try to keep you updated the best we can. 1. Festivus Games - CrossFit Flight - Saturday, April 22. This is an individual competition for novice, intermediate and masters (45+). I think we have two signed up for this one already. A great first-time comp for an individual. The Festivus Games takes place at a lot of gyms all over the country so you're competing nationwide, not just in one gym!

2. May 3-Way at Lake State CrossFit - Saturday, May 20. This is a 3-person (all male or all female) team event. We had a few teams do it last year and I know we have one going this year. Don't think registration is open yet, but put it on your calendar!

3. ForeShore Adventure Run and Gym Challenge - Also Saturday, May 20. Muskegon CrossFit is teaming up with this obstacle course race to create a CrossFit/Race event. Teams of 4 or more will do a short WOD and then run a 5k obstacle course race on Pere Marquette Beach in Muskegon.

I realize the second two events are on the same day, but may appeal to different groups here. I'll keep an eye out for other comps coming up.

Remember, our own competition - The MidSummer Meltdown is Saturday, June 17!

See you tonight for the announcement of 17.3 as Caitlin takes on Alyssa around 8:00 pm!

Workout for Thursday, March 9 With a Running Clock 2 min of Max Effort Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20) Row or Ride 6 min 1 min of Steady Air Squats (25 to 30 squats) Row or Ride 6 min 1 min of Steady Burpees (12 to 15 burpees) Row or Ride 6 min 1 min of Max Effort Burpee Box Jump Overs