Monday, March 13

Here we go again! 17.4 will be announced Thursday night and we are looking for our next matchup! First one to email, call us at 616-780-8595 or tell us in person at the gym gets in. If you have some time watch the Barbell Shrugged video below on picking and sticking to a diet. Remember, we aren't talking about a short time diet, we are talking about what you eat on a day-to-day basis for the rest of your life.

You're diet should be something you like and can stick to. It should support your activities and get you the body composition you want.

The video below discusses how to pick and set your diet without getting caught up in the minutiae of the diet's definition. You're diet doesn't need to be a religion that is holding you to some impossible standards.

Also, one point they discuss is that people often tend to see their exercise program as punishment. Some people feel they need to beat themselves up in the gym in order to offset their "bad" behavior over the weekend.

If you see exercise as punishment you're going to have a hard time sustaining it for a long time. You need to enjoy what you are doing!

So, when you're picking your diet and exercise plan, make sure it's something you like and want to do for a long time. Consistency is the key to making any plan work so stick with it and see the results down the road.

Workout for Monday, March 13 Back Squat 5X5 @ 70% to 80%

For Time: 12-9-7 Strict Pull Ups Squat Clean (135/95)