Tuesday, March 14

To quote the great Allen Iverson, "We're talking about practice!" This TED Talk reveals just how practice makes us better at a skill. Muscles really don't have memory, but we can build up our neural pathways so our muscles respond more efficiently to the brain's signals.

In CrossFit we should be approaching our day-to-day workouts as practice. We are practicing squatting, pull ups, double unders, etc... so the skill of the movement gets better and we can then apply some intensity. But intensity only comes after the mechanics are dialed in and we can consistently repeat the movement.

But here's the thing, your practice must be technically sound or you will not develop the correct motor patterns. So if you can snatch 65 pounds with poor technique and get away with it you are only setting yourself up for failure at heavier weights and higher intensities.

As the video says, mastery isn't just about the amount of hours of practice, it's also about the quality of that practice.

This is why we practice movements with little to no weight. Going through the barbell warm up each day should not be taking lightly. You should be moving with the intention of trying to do the lift perfectly so that transfers to your heavier reps later on.

Read the article and watch the video for more info on how practice changes our nervous system and some tips on how to make your practice more effective (Hint: turn off your phone!).

Workout for Tuesday, March 14 Strict Press 3X7 Building Up to Heavy Set

EMOTM for 24 min Min 1: 10 T2B Min 2: 10 Wall Balls (30/20) Min 3: 10 Power Snatches (75/55)