Wednesday, March 15

We're officially more than half way through the Open and I hope you are having fun with it. The Open is a great way to test yourself and see where you may need some extra work heading forward. It lets you know exactly where you are in your fitness journey at this moment in time. I've talked to more than a few people that have been disappointed in a workout or score in at least one of the three workouts. I'd venture to say that all of us have thought that we could have done a little better somewhere along the line. I know I have.

The question I have for you is how do you deal with that?

I posted earlier about using failure as fuel. Figure out where you need to go and go there.

Do not put your head down and sulk about a "bad" performance.

Do not compare yourself to anyone else.

Do not let your score determine your mood.

Let the Open do exactly what it is meant to do - tell YOU where YOU are right now. Not where you used to be or where you're going to be in a year. It's about right now.

Maybe you're not training as hard as you used to. Maybe you're just getting some skills down but aren't efficient at them yet. Maybe you are just tapping in to your true strength potential, but haven't fully realized it yet.

Wherever you are be content. Sometimes other things in life take priority over training.

That's OK.

Enjoy the workouts. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the training. Consistency over the long haul is what counts.

Workout for Wednesday, March 15 Heavy Object Squats 5X2 with 10 sec hold at top + 5 sec hold in bottom.

9 min AMRAP 11 Ball Slams 11 Air Squats 7 Burpees