Thursday, March 16

Don't miss the matchup tonight at 8 pm for 17.4! We have Brandon and Benjy going head to head right after the announcement. Brandon definitely looks tough in his sunglasses, but Benjy has that crazy look in his eyes so who knows what could happen. Can't wait to watch this one!

Don't miss all of the amazing smack talk on Facebook too!

Also, don't forget that Friday Night Lights is St. Patrick's Day themed. So wear your green on Friday!

One more thing! The last Friday Night Lights - March 24 - we will have a pot luck party to celebrate the end of the Open and how awesome you all did! We will put a sheet up for you to tell everyone what you're bringing so we don't all bring Doritos.

Workout for Thursday, March 16 3 Rounds 1 min Bike Max Calories 10 min Steady Pace Row or Ride Rest 1 min