Monday, March 20

Well, I guess it's official that your coaches will be taking on 17.5 right after the announcement Thursday night. Feel free to send us any and all bad pictures you can find of us.

There have been quite a few good episodes of Barbell Shrugged recently, but this one on language really struck a chord with me.

They discuss how our language can affect others and ourselves with the creator of Procabulary Mark England.

If you can listen to this I think it could make a change in how you talk to yourself and others. Positive talk can go a long way towards helping us stay happy and get our point across more clearly.

I'm excited to keep learning more about this subject, but even just listening to this podcast has made me more aware of how much negative talk we hear every day. Give it a listen and start being positive!

Workout for Monday, March 20 6 Rounds: In 1 Minute: 12 Deadlifts (95/65) 9 Hang Power Cleans 6 Shoulder to Overhead Max Effort Burpees Even Min: Rest