Tuesday, March 21

We have heavy overhead squats today, but before we load up the bar we are going to work on getting in a good position. Being in a good position allows you to take advantage of your strength. Bad position makes you weaker, so take some time to work on your positions and get stronger without lifting a thing! Juggernaut recently posted a very in-depth video about mobility for the overhead squat. There is so much going on in the OHS and it's not always simple to figure out why the movement gives you trouble.

The video below goes through an assessment and then some mobility work to help figure out your restrictions and get you in better positions.

It's about 25 minutes long, but watching it could give you a better understanding of the OHS and give you some assessment tools you can try on your own to see why you have trouble.

Workout for Tuesday, March 21 Mobility for Overhead Squats Hips and T-Spine

Overhead Squat 5X3 Building to Heavy Triple 5 min to Build to Working Weight, then One Set Every 3 min

3 Rounds for Time: Row 500m 24 DB Snatches