Monday, March 27

This Wednesday is Wednesday FriendsDay!

Well the Open is over and now we can get back to a little more normal routine. At least we will know what workouts are coming up each week!

We did a lot of conditioning and work capacity training leading up to and during the Open and we will be switching gears a little bit now. We were doing mostly conditioning while maintaining strength and now we will be able to work on building strength while maintaining our conditioning.

Also, we will be hitting some classic CrossFit benchmark workouts over the next few weeks. It'll be a good chance for some of you to do them for the first time and it will give all of us a chance to do them while we are conditioned for the Open. Look forward to Benchmark Fridays!

One other thing - we are going to add a new workout on Saturday at 10:30 am called Extra Credit! This is going to be a little different. It's not going to be a class at all - it is going to feature a workout that will challenge you with more advanced skills and movements. EVERYONE is welcome to do the Extra Credit workout together on Saturday, but there may be some things you'll have to figure out on your own and decide what is the best scaling or modification for you. Coaches may be working out with you, so of course they will be around to help.

The Aerobic Capacity class will still be held at 10:30 am as well.

So Saturdays are back to normal: Weightlifting 8:15 am Elements 8:15 am CrossFit 9:30 am - must sign up for in advance Aerobic Capacity - 10:30 am Extra Credit - 10:30 am

Workout for Monday, March 27 Heavy Object Squat 3X3

Front Squat 1X5 @ 65% 1X5 @ 70% 1X5 @ 75% 2X5 @ 80%

3 Rounds for Time: 18 Shoulder to Overhead (115/85) 12 Box Jumps (30/24)