Wednesday, March 29

Fueling Activity is back! Sign up for the next month of Fueling Activity is begins today and will be up until Friday, April 7! Fueling Activity is a meal plan that focuses on meal preparation for success along with timing what you eat with when you work out. It is designed to get you the best results possible for body composition AND performance no matter what your goals are.

There is a 12 person cap for the group and we are offering two options:

1. Basic Fueling Activity - The cost $75 for the month. This will offer weekly information packets emailed out Friday afternoons including your meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, and other helpful info. It also gives you access to the Fueling Activity FaceBook Group for support and the ability to email coaches with questions to help you be successful.

2. Upgraded Fueling Activity - The cost is $100 for the month. This will feature everything included with the Basic Fueling Activity option PLUS a one-on-one consult during the first week of the plan to discuss goals and other specifics of making Fueling Activity work the best for you AND an invite to a question and answer meeting at the end of the month to make sure you're on the right track to continue following the principles of the plan successfully.

If you have questions or want to sign up, please contact There will also be a sign up on the whiteboard at the gym.

This is open to CrossFit 616 members as well as anyone else who is looking to fueling their workouts properly to meet personal goals.

Workout for Wednesday, March 29 KB Romanian Deadlift 5X5 Build Up Beginner Strength: 5X5 @ 75/45 lbs

4 min AMRAP 9 Push Ups 9 KB Swings 9 Air Squats Rest 4 min 3 min AMRAP 7 Push Ups 7 KB Swings 7 Air Squats Rest 3 min 2 min AMRAP 5 Push Ups 5 KB Swings 5 Air Squats Rest 2 min 1 Min AMRAP of Burpees