Friday, March 31

The Open is over and now we can get back to really important things like the Weekly Roundup! 1. We started our pull up challenge and I thought this would be some good inspiration for you. Watch as Danny Watson attempts to break the world record for strict pull ups.

2. Here's a beginner snatch tutorial from Juggernaut. It has some drills in there that we don't necessarily use day-to-day, but they could be helpful for your timing. The big thing here is that I want you to see a high level coach teach a "regular" person how to snatch. Notice that it is not easy. She gets frustrated but keeps working. Not every lift is right and that's ok. This stuff is hard and takes a lot of work. And as Max says, as you get better you get rewarded with harder work. Watching this video made me feel better about my progress and not doing it perfectly all the time (or ever).

Workout for Friday, March 31 "Fran" 21-15-9 Thrusters (95/65) Pull Ups

Handstand Practice Handstand Holds, HSPU, Handstand Walking