Monday, April 3

It's already April! The Open has come and gone and we are focusing on building strength and addressing some of those weaknesses in our respective games. Time to check in on your goals you set in January. How are things going? Did everything get put on hold during the Open? Do you have a plan going forward?

Don't let your motivation slip away. Think back to those workouts you wish you could have done a pull up or muscle up or handstand push up. Think about the weights you used during the Open and keep working to get stronger so those don't seem so heavy a year from now.

We are scheduling in the pull up work every week, but if you have something specific on your goals sheet keep at it!

It's the daily work that makes a difference. Little improvements each day add up. It won't happen all at once, but keep your eye on the prize!

Workout for Monday, April 3 Heavy Object Carries and Squats - 5 Carry Sequences Squat + Carry Forward 20 ft Squat + Carry Backward 20 ft Squat + Carry Side Stepping 20 ft (lead with right foot) Squat + Carry Side Stepping 20 ft (lead with left foot) *Complete entire sequence without stopping*

4 Rounds For Time: 30 Russian KB Swings 100 Double Unders 15 T2B