Tuesday, April 4

I read this blog post from our friend Dr. Jason Ross at Train Out Pain and thought it was worth sharing: Create The Environment For Success It's a simple concept - create an environment that will make it easy to stick to your goals. Like he says in the post, it seems like common sense, but sometimes you don't realize it until you hear it.

However, we don't do this like we should. I think about sticking to my nutrition plan and how much easier it is when there aren't Doritos in the cupboard. If I only have foods at home that fit in my diet, then I won't fall off the wagon when my will power has been depleted at the end of the day or if I'm in a bad mood.

So many times we make bad food decisions based on our emotions or mood. I know I get tempted to eat poorly when I'm bored. So, I try not to have junk food around and I need to plan activities for myself so I am not sitting around bored.

I also leave a lacrosse ball in the middle of my floor most of the time to remind me to do my mobility work. I have to walk right by it to sit down on the couch. I don't use it like I should, but I'm trying.

I also try not to bring my computer into my bedroom so I will read a book rather than watch Netflix at night. Also, I'm not always successful, but if I set up the correct environment it is so much easier to make the better decision.

What do you want to do? How can you change your surroundings to help you stay on task? Little things can make a big difference. So set yourself up for success and get rid of the distractions.

Workout for Tuesday, April 4 Lat and Hip Mobility

Rowing Intervals Row 1000m for time Rest 5 min Row 750m for time Rest 4 min Row 500m for time Rest 3 min 250m for time Rest 1 min 50 Handstand Push Ups for Time (scale with HRPU)

Mobility of Choice