Wednesday, April 5

Are you happy? How do we pursue happiness and live a content life? Here's a great discussion from Ben Bergeron on chasing happiness and what actually makes us happy in life. Quick tip, he says to start with "I get to" rather than "I have to".

I get to go to the gym! I get to make dinner for my family. I get to wash my car.

These are amazing opportunities we have that many people in the world do not.

He gives us three ways to find happiness and points out that achievements do not equal happiness.

Take a few minutes to watch or listen and decide if you can make some small changes to be happier in life.

Workout for Wednesday, April 5 Every 2 min for 20 min 3 Squat Cleans - Do NOT have to be touch and go Build Up in Weight with Good Lifts *If set is failed, drop down in weight and finish rounds there.

Push Press - Work from a Rack 7X2 Building Up in Weight to find Heavy Double Super Set with Weighted Glute Bridges 5X5 with Pause at hip Extension