Monday, April 10

I heard an interview with Traver Boehm last week and immediately had to look more into his story. Traver's life fell apart seemingly all at once. He and his wife lost a baby, his wife left him shortly after that and his business partnership ended. Everything about his identity was seemingly lost and he had to figure out how to continue in life. Without knowing exactly what to do he made a list of what he would do if he had one year left to live. And then he did those things.

One of the things he did was spend 28 days in complete darkness in Guatemala. And this experience taught him how to deal with his pain.

Watch his TED Talk below. Please watch it.

We all have pain in our lives and we need to be able to deal with it. As he says in the video you can not run from it. You can not escape it. You have to let it in and deal with it.

At some point we all have experienced or will experience real pain. I hope this video helps you learn to process it and learn to use that pain to open up new doors in your life.

Please watch How to Make Pain Your Guru from Traver Boehm.

To learn more about Traver and his Year to Live Project click here.

Workout for Monday, April 10 Single Arm KB OH Walking Lunges - 5 Sets 6 Steps Alternating Legs with KB in Right Hand 6 Steps Alternating Legs with KB in Left Hand *Traveling Forward while Lunging*

7 min AMRAP 5 KB Push Press (Right Arm) 5 KB Push Press (Left Arm) 15 Sit Ups