Friday, April 14

We've got Diane for our Benchmark Friday! Deadlifts and handstand push ups can be a challenging workout for a lot of us. Either the weight of the deadlift or the skill of the handstand can keep you from doing this workout as prescribed. And that is OK. All of these benchmark workouts are designed to test where you are right now and as long as you give it your best and record exactly what you did, you can measure your improvement the next time you do this workout.

So make sure you write down the weight of your deadlift and your scaling option for the hspu so you can work towards a tougher version next time.

Weekly Roundup!

1. I don't know how you morning people do it, but I have a lot of respect...

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2. Don't forget rule #42

Workout for Friday, April 14 "Diane" For Time: 21-15-9 Deadlifts (225/155) HSPU

Pull Up Progressions