Monday, April 17

Loved this article from the CrossFit Games last week - OPEN WORKOUT 17.6 It's a good reminder that training for next year's Open starts now (or a few weeks ago). The article gives six steps to get you ready for the 2018 Open.

Don't wait! Think back to the 2017 Open and what you wish you had been better at. You've got about 300 days to work on those things.

There is a lot of good, common-sense advice in the article, but being consistent over the next year is harder than it sounds sometimes.

I love this paragraph in particular: "Make a note of any movements you avoid because you don’t like them or can’t do them. Now commit to attending classes in which these movements show up. If you hate running, you need to run. If you’d rather lift, show up on pull-up day. You get the idea. Your cherry-picking days are over. Castro and life do not care what you don’t like."

There are a lot of other good tips so give it a read and don't regret not starting sooner when March 2018 gets here.

Workout for Monday, April 17 Front Squats Every 2 min for 16 min 1X2 @ 70% 2X2 @ 75% 1X2 @ 80% 2X1 @ 85% 2X1 @ 85% to 90%

EMOM for 7 min Max Effort Unbroken Strict HSPU Or Max Effort Unbroken HRPU Or Max Effort Unbroken Elevated Push Ups *Choose most difficult option & stick with it as long as possible