Thursday, April 20

This is a touchy subject but it needs to be addressed. Pull ups - why can't I get one? The strict pull up requires a lot of upper body strength. Men are usually genetically predisposed to having more muscle on their upper bodies than women and can be stronger at upper- body pulling. But that does not mean women can not develop this strength. If you've watched any CrossFit at all you've seen women doing tons of amazing upper-body gymnastics movements.

Let's talk about what's really holding you back on pull ups. Is it just your strength? Would losing some body weight make it easier?

It's can be hard for coaches to discuss body weight with athletes at times, but we all know that losing body weight will make all body-weight movements easier.

Think about your training and your goals. Are you doing everything you can to get there? It's easy to come workout for an hour a day, but what's happening the other 23?

If your days are filled with cake and pizza it doesn't matter how much exercising you do.

Does your diet and rest set you up for success in the gym? Are you recovering, getting the nutrients you need to fuel and recover?

We have pull up progressions today. That means you get 10-15 minutes of work to get in this week. Maybe you've practiced pull ups on your own one other time. That may add up to 30 minutes a week of pull up work.

That leaves 10,050 minutes in the week that you can either help or hurt your progress.

Everyone's goals are different and that is ok. But if you want to see progress on pull ups or any other movement, you need to decide how serious you are. If a goal is important enough to you, it shouldn't be that hard to prioritize the things in your life to help you get there.

Take a good, honest look at why you are struggling with something and attack it. Progress may be slow, but stop sabotaging yourself outside the gym!

Workout for Thursday, April 20 Deadlift 1X10 @ 65% to 70% 3X5 @ 75% to 80%

Pull Up Progressions

8 min AMRAP 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 Cal Bike Burpees *Reset Bike Each Round* **Start Back at 20 if round of 2 completed**