Tuesday, April 24

I heard the term "cafeteria CrossFitter" the other day and had no idea what it meant. Apparently it's a play on the common "cafeteria Catholic" phrase that I also had never heard. Anyway, after learning what it meant I thought a lot of us might fall into that category from time to time.

The cafeteria CrossFitter is the athlete that chooses workouts just like you choose food in a cafeteria. Walking down the line only taking the things you like, skipping the vegetables and loading up on the banana pudding.

If you find yourself avoiding the workouts you don't like or skipping days that seem hard you're a cafeteria CrossFitter. And that's not a good thing.

In CrossFit we're trying to be pretty good at everything without specializing in anything. We're developing a well-rounded fitness that we can use in any situation. If you're skipping days when there's a movement you don't like you are leaving a gaping hole in your fitness.

Try to enjoy the process of improving. If you are focused on the process and not the end point you can enjoy each training session and not get frustrated because you didn't hit a certain score.

Also, when you enjoy each little improvement in training you find that your weaknesses become more enjoyable to train. It's simple, the more you need to improve the more opportunity to get a little better each day. Then you can enjoy the process of fixing your weaknesses.

We all have something we need to improve. Take stock of your fitness and look forward to plugging the holes in your game. And more than anything, have some fun doing it!

Workout for Tuesday, April 24 Back Squat 3X5 @ 75% 3X4 @ 80% 3X3 @ 85% Superset with: Box Jumps for Explosiveness Complete 3 Box Jumps After Each Squat Set Focus is on Full Extension of the hips and legs. Try to Land Tall on the Box. This is NOT for Max Height!

Supinated Grip Barbell Rows 3X7, then: Drop 10 lbs and do 2 Sets to Failure