Wednesday, May 10

A new round of Fueling Activity will begin Friday, May 19th and will run through Friday, June 19th. Sign Up will be on the whiteboard up front and is limited to 8 people! Fueling Activity is open to CrossFit 616 members AND anyone else who is looking for help on fueling their performance the best way possible. We had a hugely successful group last month. Sarah had this to say: "I've been a long distance runner for about 12 years. I joined 616 five months ago. I had healthy habits. I ate healthy foods. I signed up for Fueling Activity and realized that I still had so much to learn! The benefit that caught me off guard was the stress relief! I was always questioning- Am I eating too much? Not enough? How can I swap something processed for something real? I found the plan easy to follow. I had little trouble turning down temptations because I wasn't hungry. Signing up for the advanced plan was very worthwhile. It helped me learn more about why we were doing what we were doing. I am so grateful for this program. It is helping me become the athlete I want to be. I can't imagine going back to my old ways of eating."

The Basic Plan is $75 for the month and the Upgraded Plan is $100 for the month. Both include information packets weekly (including the meal plan, recipes, and grocery lists), access to the FaceBook Group, answers to specific questions and guidance towards your individual goals. The Upgraded Plan includes a one-on-one meeting at the beginning of the plan to discuss goals along with a group wrap up meeting at the end of the plan to get you on the right path to be successful going forward. If you have questions or would like to sign up, please email: Or sign up at the gym!

Workout for Wednesday, May 10 Pull Up Progressions

Heavy Object Squats 3X2 2 Sec Pause in Bottom Under Tension

Tempo Back Squats 2X3 @ 70% to 75% 3 Sec Descent + 2 Sec Pause + Stand + 1 sec Pause at Top Regular Tempo 1X1 @ 80% 1X1 @ 85% 3X1 @ 90% to 95% Do not Max out!