Wednesday, May 17

There are a few spots left for the next round of Fueling Activity, but you have to sign up by this Friday! The sign up sheet is on the front whiteboard. If you need help getting your diet on track or you just want to learn more about getting the right nutrition for your lifestyle, this group is for you. Also, there's been a change to the track and field meet on June 10. Now it is just a field meet and will be held at Cannonsburg.

We were having trouble getting information from the school on track rental and insurance and rather than wait until the last minute, we've decided to move to a new location and have some different fun outside.

The workout will begin at 9:30 am and we will be done by 11:30 am. We will still have weightlifting, but class that day will being at 8 am so we can get to Cannonsburg by 9:30. No sign ups necessary, just show up!

Workout for Wednesday, May 17 25 min Not For Time 15 Hand Over Hand 50' Sled Pulls - Standing Accumulate 3 minutes of L-Sit Holds on Parallettes Accumulate 5 minutes of Tall Side Planks (2:30 each side) 5X10 Plank Position DB Rows Alternating Arms

For Time: 100 Burpees 100/70 Calories on Rower *Partition Reps However You Choose