Monday, May 22

I've been reading and listening to some things about feedback - how to give it and how to receive it. Giving and receiving feedback in an office environment is something many of us have had to navigate in our careers. It can be challenging and complicated to give or get constructive criticism without someone's feelings getting hurt. However, in the gym we are accustomed to getting feedback without our feelings getting hurt. We are accepting of the coach athlete relationships and are usually seeking feedback and many times asking for more feedback on our movement to help us get better.

So why don't we apply that attitude to other parts of our lives? What if we thought of our boss as a coach of sorts? What if we asked our superiors how we can improve at our jobs?

I think we can learn a lot from CrossFit and sports in general that can help us improve other aspects of our lives. Team sports have helped shape our social skills for years and I think we should continue to look for ways to apply what we learn in the gym to other areas.

Think about how you accept or give feedback at your job. Are you a good "coach" or "athlete" in the office? Can you hear the feedback and apply it to make yourself a better employee?

If you're interested in this subject you should check out Radical Candor and listen to their podcast. Improving your communication in and out of the gym could make life a lot better!

Workout for Monday, May 22 Strict Press Build to a Heavy 1 Rep, then using that weight: 2X5 @ 70% to 80% 2X10 @ 60% to 65% 1X Max Effort Reps @ 50%

15 min AMRAP Run 1 Lap (220m) Max Effort Unbroken T2B *Every time you drop off the bar, Run 1 Lap (220m) **Scale T2B with Kipping High Knees and Toes to Rig