Thursday, June 1

We have our first running-only workout of the year finally! This will give you a chance to work on your running technique and endurance. And of course, the more you run, the better you get at it and the less it sucks! Watch this video for some tips on running posture and technique. And like he says in the video, running is natural, we are all capable of doing it, but some technique work can make you better at it. Also, don't beat yourself up when working on it. Changing technique takes time and may make it feel hard at first. You will get there! Little bits at a time.

This video is great, so please give it a watch. Then try to apply these things during the workout!

Workout for Thursday, June 1 Run 800m Rest 4 min Run 800m Rest 4 min Run 400m Rest 2 min Run 400m

1K Cool Down Row