Monday, June 5

Sorry for the delay on getting this out to everyone, but we wanted to get it right. A HUGE thanks to Pete, Morgan and Alex for shooting, editing and creating the music for the video. They did great work and the delay on getting it out is not because of them. Another big thanks to all of you that participated. Everyone at 616 is a part of this and we think this video does a great job at showing who we.

If you ever want to tell someone about 616, but can't explain, use this video. It's perfect for you to share before Wednesday FriendsDays or other community events. So please post it on social media as much as you like.

Thanks again and enjoy!

Workout for Monday, June 5 Hip Mobility

Handstand Practice and HSPU Progressions

13 min AMRAP 6 Strict HSPU 12 C2B Pull Ups Run 1 Lap