Tuesday, June 6

We're maxing our back squat today. And while we want you all to PR or do your best, we want you to be safe first. Trying new one-rep maxes means you are pushing yourself to you absolute limits and that means technique and positions may start to break down. Please don't sacrifice your safety for 5 pounds.

As you approach your heavier sets, ask a coach to watch and if things are starting to break down, don't let your ego get in the way.

Maxing out can be fun, but some days it's just not in you. And that is ok. Remember that one day of training is just that - one day. If you have that growth mindset you'll know that each day isn't a pass/fail, end-of-the-world session. Do your best and know that you're setting yourself up for success down the road.

Workout for Tuesday, June 6 1 Rep Max Back Squat

100 Burpees for time