Wednesday, June 14

I know this is a Reebok commercial, but I love the message. Jason Khalipa is a great example of how we can use CrossFit, or working out in general, to help us get through the tough times in life. I have certainly gained confidence in the non-gym parts of my life by facing and overcoming challenges every day in the gym.

I hope that you can find that confidence and use these gym challenges to make yourself more than just physically fit.

Workout for Wednesday, June 14 20 min Not for Time, rotate through movements continuosly for 20 min Hand Over Hand Sled Pulls Landmine Rows Strict Toes to Bar (5 to 7 reps) *Scale T2B with Toes to Rig*

7 min AMRAP 10-20-30-40-50-60...continue increasing by 10 reps Double Unders 7 Push Ups