Tuesday, June 20

A couple of requests: 1. Please send all business (especially money/account) related questions to info@crossfit616.com rather than one of the coaches phones or Facebooks or Instagrams or Snapchats or Twitters or USPS mailboxes. We want to make sure all billing and business things get handled in a timely manner and as accurately as possible, so having them in the business email helps that happen.

2. Please do not use the parking spots in front of our neighbors' storefronts. At least between 7 am and 5 pm. They need to keep some open spots for their customers too. You can use any spot on the far side of the parking lot, just leave the ones on the building side open. You can park on the backside of the building, just be careful when walking in if a class is in progress. I know everyone is being nice and leaving the closest spots, but there are almost always spots in front of our door - use them!

3. We are hosting at CPR and first aid certification on July 23. Our very own Crystal will be running a class and there are 19 spots available if you would like to attend. The class is $50 and includes a make out session with a dummy. We will have a sign up sheet posted at the gym.

Workout for Tuesday, June 20 Double Two Row 2K 200 Double Unders Run 2 Miles