Tuesday, June 27

Sometimes we all need to slow down. As coaches we want to see the quality of your movement prioritized over anything else. Hopefully you've heard us say mechanics, consistency, then intensity at some point, but if you haven't until now - remember it! It's easy to get caught up in the workout and compete with your friends, but sometimes just going faster causes your technique to break down. We should be able to recognize this happening and slow down a bit to reset our mechanics.

Poor technique usually leads to pain or injury and those are the last things we want.

In the video below, Adrian Conway from Brute Strength explains how slowing things down can help everyone from beginners to Games athletes.

Workout for Tuesday, June 27 Pull Up Progressions

10 min AMRAP 12/8 Cal Bike 10 Slam Ball Twists (30/20) 8 T2B