Thursday, July 27

Is Inflammation Bad For You Or Good For You? We hear a lot about inflammation and how it negatively effects our health. But is it always bad for you?

Some inflammation is a necessary response to an acute injury in our body. "... inflammation is also a force for good, protecting against infection and injury. Acute inflammation occurs when you sprain your ankle or get a paper cut. It's part of the immune system's box of tricks to spark a defense and promote healing."

However, systemic inflammation that is constantly triggered over a long period can lead to serious health issues like arthritis and chronic diseases.

One thing we do know is that a healthy lifestyle can help reduce systemic inflammation and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Drugs may help in certain situations, but we don't want to rely on them if it's not absolutely necessary.

Always talk to your doctor if you're experiencing the systems of chronic disease or autoimmune disorders.

But remember, if you get hurt, stopping the inflammation process may slow down your healing. Your body is pretty smart and has natural responses to acute injuries. Stopping those may make you feel better temporarily, but might not be best long term.

Read the article from NPR for more info.

Workout for Thursday, July 27 Aerobic Capacity 4 Rounds, 10 min Each Round 5 Burpees + Run 400m + 5 Burpees - As Fast As Possible Row or Bike Remainder of Round at 150 BPM Each Round is 9 min of work + 1 min of Rest