Monday, August 7

Happy Monday! Don't forget that our fundraiser is already underway for Coach Josh who is currently battling mouth cancer. Our big get together and party to raise money for him is Saturday, August 26th from 4pm to 9pm. We'll be at the FOP Hall on Alpine Ave hanging out, playing Corn Hole, and celebrating the opportunity to help out one of the members of our CrossFit 616 family! In the meantime, remember that every time you check in to CrossFit 616 on social media and hashtag #goodtimz4tomz that CrossFit 616 will donate $1. It's a simple way to help Josh out! Our workout involves some high paced moving in a short time domain. The focus here is to keep moving even when your brain starts to tell you to slow down and pace it out. Transitions are HUGE here. It's easy to rest in between the movements or set the bar down when it starts to feel uncomfortable. I challenge you tomorrow to hold onto that bar for the rest of the 10 reps when you want to set it down at 5 or 7 reps. Further, instead of breathing an extra 20 seconds after your double unders I challenge you to force yourself to pick the bar back up after your double unders. It's only 7 you want to spend your time working or resting? Will working or resting get you the results you're seeking?

Workout for Monday, August 7

Strict Press 4X8 *Build Up with good reps and completed sets

7 min AMRAP 40 Double Unders 10 Power Snatches (75/55)