Thursday, August 10

I recently started following the CrossFit Gymnastics team on Instagram and they have lots of great tips on building towards toes to bar, bar mucles ups, pull ups and more. It all starts with basic positions and progressions. Stick with the progressions. Own the positions. The higher-skill movements will come.

If you try to skip steps it will only take longer and you may be more susceptible to injury because you don't have a solid base.

Check out one of the posts below on owning the hollow and arch positions while hanging. This is a great drill to build your kip and strengthen those lats!

Workout for Thursday, August 10 30 min Not for Time - Complete the Following: 5X3 Heavy Object Squats 10 X 50' Plank Position Sled Pulls (alternating arms) Accumulate 3 minutes of L-Sit Holds on Parallettes

3 Rounds for time: 44 Air Squats 33 Double Unders 22 T2B