Friday, August 11

Remember that we do not have weightlifting Saturday morning. We will start the next cycle Thursday, August 17. Please sign up for the 9:30 CrossFit class in advance! And cancel 24 hours in advance if you're not coming. Please help us be as prepared as possible for this class by letting us know if you're coming.

We did ring dips the other day and finding that lock out at the top was very difficult for many of us. Getting into external rotation puts us in a position of stability and we are more efficient and stronger when there. I told a few people about this video, but had to go find it. Hopefully this helps you understand what we are looking for in the dip.

Workout for Friday, August 11 "Diane" 21-15-9 Deadlifts (225/155) Handstand Push Ups *See 4/14/17

Pull Up Progressions

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