Tuesday, August 15

When I started CrossFit, weightlifting wasn't nearly as popular. But there were a few guys we started following online. One was Donny Shankle. Shankle was a national champion, but his voice and quotes were so engaging we couldn't wait for his next video.

After seeing some of my original CrossFit and weightlifting heroes at the Games, I've been nostalgic about my early CrossFit days.

Here's a preview of a video FloElie made on Shankle a couple of years ago. He's an interesting guy, and he sums up the sport of weightlifting pretty well in just a few lines.

I think it's always important to study the roots of whatever endeavor you are pursuing to have a better understanding.

And remember, the new weightlifting cycle starts this Thursday at 6 pm. See you there!

Workout for Tuesday, August 15 7 min AMRAP Row 500m 5 Strict Pull Ups (Scale with ring rows or bar rows) 5 Burpees - Rest 5 min - 7 min AMRAP Row 400m 7 C2B Pull ups (Jumping C2B) 7 Burpees - Rest 5 min - 7 min AMRAP Row 300m 9 Pull Ups (Jumping Pull Ups) 9 Burpees

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