Thursday, October 12

We have lots of teams competing this weekend at the Fittest of the Fall competition at Lake State CrossFit in DeWitt. I know they'd love your support if you'd like to head over and cheer them on.

We have added quite a few new members recently so make sure you introduce yourself to anyone you may not have met yet. And for the new folks, make sure you join the 616 event group on Facebook - or let us know if you're not in so we can add you!

Here's a quick video about overhead squat therapy. If you have a movement that gives you trouble, slow down, lighten the weight and really work on getting in the correct position. This is a slow process and can not be rushed. Rushing it will only lead to pain and possibly injury. 

Workout for Thursday, October 12
2X3 @ 80%
2X2 @ 85%
3X1 @ 85% to 90%

7 Rounds (3500m) - Interval Rowing
Row 250m Easy Pace
Row 250m Max Effort

CrossFit 616