Monday, October 16

The Pigheaded and the PRs is a recent article from the CrossFit Journal. The article was written to coaches on how to scale appropriately and deal with egos getting in the way of good movement, but I think it's valuable for everyone to read.

As an athlete, seeing things from a coach's perspective may help you understand why we make some of the decisions you see daily. It may also help you scale for yourself a little better.

I know I made plenty of mistakes early on because I thought I was pretty fit, and I wanted to prove myself in front of the other people in my classes, but it NEVER helped me in the long run.

I have hurt myself and delayed further training because I was trying to go beyond my limits. Please learn from my mistakes and don't do that to yourself. 

Read the article and see if some of it might apply to you. And please understand that the scaling decisions we make for you are out of love and a desire to help you reach your goals, while staying healthy!

Workout for Monday, October 16
Front Squat
Set of 10 @ 65% to 70%
Build Up in Weight as Reps Decrease

For Time:
21 Power Snatches (95/65)
10 Bar Hop Burpees
15 Power Snatches
10 Bar Hop Burpees
9 Power Snatches
10 Bar Hop Burpees

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