Monday, October 23

I saw this product the other day and immediately thought, "I could use that after some heavy deadlift days." I think we've all been there.


But, in reality, products like this exist because people need them. The more I thought about it, I realized there must be a large population of people that have trouble bending over enough to put on their socks. 

As we age we lose range of motion, muscle mass, bone density. We need to combat that.

Accidents happen. We may get injured or sick and have a legitimate reason for not being able to bend over, but I am going to fight as hard as possible to keep that from happening for no specific reason.

Doing a full range of motion squat, push up, pull up is not just about CrossFit, it's about moving your joints through the full range to strengthen muscles and keep mobility.

Adding weights isn't for showing off how strong you are. It's for building muscle mass and maintaining bone density as we age so we can withstand the inevitable falls and accidents that happen.

I hope I never have to use products like the Sock Slider, but there may be a time, and I am glad these things exist. But until that happens, I am going to work as hard as possible to stay healthy and strong to delay the process of aging.

Workout for Monday, October 23
Back Squat
5X6 @ 65% to 75%

13 min AMRAP
16 Russian KB Swings (53/35)
50 Double Unders
16 Pull Ups
(Scale DU with 100 single unders)

CrossFit 616