Thursday, October 26

Barbells for Boobs is this Friday night at 6 pm! Be here ready to cheer and workout. 

Place bets on who you think will win - all money goes straight to Barbells for Boobs. You can bet cash or we can take credit. There will be mini workouts for the losing betters after each matchup. 

We have six head-to-head matchups:
1. Brian vs. Timmer
2. Dave Dyer vs. Jeff Decker
3. Rachel Kortman vs. Corny Krause
4. Baby John vs. Trey
5. Guy Casey vs. Daddy Jon G.
6. Jack and Tom vs. Meli and Cori

If you don't know these people, this is the perfect chance to meet them and lots of other new people in the 616 community! Let's have a ton of fun and raise some money for a great cause!

Workout for Thursday, October 26
Hip and Shoulder Mobility

Thrusters (95/65)
Bar Hop Burpees

CrossFit 616