Monday, October 9

We have back squats and heavy object squats today and as always, we need to focus on breathing and bracing. We usually go over this in the warm up and demonstrate how we should fill up with air and brace out with our abs and obliques, but maybe seeing it from someone else will help explain this further.

The video below from Juggernaut shows exactly how to fill up with air and brace the spine so we are not over extended when holding weight on our back.

One thing to note is that they use a low bar placement on the back because that's what most powerlifters do. We use a high bar placement because it carries over better for Olympic weightlifting and other CrossFit movements. But the breathing and bracing techniques are the same. Check it out and see examples of what to do and what not to do.

Workout for Monday, October 9
Heavy Object Squat Warm Up - Pause in Bottom
3X3 Building Up in Weight

Back Squats
1X5 @ 65% - 2 Sec Pause in Bottom, No Bounce
1X10 @ 70% - Regular Tempo
1X8 @ 70% to 75%
1X6 @ 75% to 80%

6 min AMRAP
12 Sit Ups
8 Alternating DB Snatches
6 Cal Bike
*Focus on Quick Transitions!

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