Tuesday, November 21

Thanksgiving is almost here and it seems like people look forward to eating more than spending time with family or giving thanks for anything. 

It's easy to fall into the holiday binging and spiral out of control until January, but let's not let that happen. Enjoy some foods you may not normally eat. Eat a little more than normal for a day, but don't let that day turn into two, which turns into a long weekend, which turns into a month. 

Make a conscious decision to enjoy the holiday without overdoing it. Control your portions. Eat a slice of pie rather than the whole pie. Making the decision beforehand makes controlling yourself much easier when the food is in front of you.

Workout for Tuesday, November 21
2X3 @ 60% to 70%
3X2 @ 75% to 85%
2X1 @ 85% to 90%

For Time:
Sit Ups
*Scale HSPU with Hand Release Push Ups*

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