Thursday, November 30

We've got some accessory work then a long row for time today. When you get to the row, technique should be high on your priority list.

If you just try to row fast with no regard for position and technique, you will suffer on this row. 

Here's a great video from Dark Horse Rowing on the catch position and how important it is to get the most out of your stroke. I'd recommend watching a lot of these videos if you're new to rowing.

Just like a clean or a snatch, technique makes a huge difference so as you get tired on the long row, try to reset your technique occasionally. 

Workout for Thursday, November 30
20 min Not For Time
5 min of Heavy Object Holds
5X5 Single Arm DB Presses
5 min of Double Under Practice or 5 sets of ME UB Double Unders
*Do not exceed 100 reps in any set!

Row 5K for Time

Coaching Note: If 16 or more in class, half can row first.

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