Thursday, November 9

Remember, there is no weightlifting Thursday or Saturday this week! We will start the new cycle on Thursday, November 16.

We will be holding a mobility seminar on Saturday, December 16 after the morning classes. As most of you know, Tom attended the Functional Range Conditioning seminar in Colorado earlier this year and has been able to put into practice many of the principles he learned through personal training sessions. But we want to give more of you an opportunity to fix your mobility issues and feel better.

These are the techniques used by top athletic trainers, chiropractors and physical therapists across the country, and I can tell you from personal experience - they work.

The course will cost $50 and will be limited to very few attendees. Although it's not a personal training session, you should leave the course with a clear idea of how to attack your upper-body mobility issues. 

We will have more details on the course soon, but wanted to get the date out there so you can put it on your calendar.

Workout for Thursday, November 9
Aerobic Conditioning
5 rds
1 min ME Burpee Box Jump Overs
5 min Row or Bike @ 150 BPM Heart Rate

CrossFit 616