Tuesday, December 12

We always start with the PVC pipe. Learning the positions without worrying about loading is absolutely necessary to develop fundamentals.

If you watch the short video above, he talks about the importance of getting into the positions that may not be comfortable for you. Spending time in those positions gives you awareness of what's going on in your body.

Are your knees caving in? What do I need to work to keep them out? Are your shoulders tight or are you just being lazy at the bottom? 

Spending time in the right positions will give you great body awareness, and it let's your brain know that it's ok to be there. Then you can start to develop strength in the position and you can experience a neurological release of "tight" muscles. 

So, don't be in such a hurry to add weight and plow through. Get comfortable in the necessary positions first so you'll have a long, injury-free training life.

Workout for Tuesday, December 12
Back Squat
3X3 @ 80%
3X2 @ 85% to 90%

3 Rounds for time:
15 Thrusters (105/75)
15 T2B

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