Wednesday, December 13

We have the Upper Body Mobility Clinic this Saturday at 10:30 am. We WILL NOT have Extra Credit this Saturday.

If you are signed up for the clinic you will be receiving an email soon with some details, but I'll tell you that you will not want to work out prior to the clinic. If you're already fatigued you won't be able to work as hard on the drills and you won't get the same benefits. I just went through it as a test subject and I'm having a hard time typing right now.

Also, If you're a member of the gym, but you haven't been added to the Facebook group, please let us know. We've gotten a lot of new people recently and it's hard to keep up! We post about upcoming events there and it's a great spot to "meet" people and join in the conversation of the gym.

Workout for Wednesday, December 13
Aerobic Capacity
5 Rounds
Row 5 min
30 sec Max Hang Power Cleans (115/85)

CrossFit 616