Friday, December 29

Some inspiration from guest blogger Alison Glowinski!

We’re coming up on a new year which means new hopes, new dreams, new goals and new resolutions. Or maybe the same goals and resolutions you didn’t quite accomplish last year? Even if you’re not a resolution setter, we all have things in life we are trying to accomplish. The problem is we get so focused on whatever those things may be that we forget to enjoy ourselves along the way.  And we forget that the majority of our lives are not made up of large, grandiose moments of glory or failure. Life is what happens in between, so it’s well worth figuring out how to embrace the journey.

When we set our sights on something we want to accomplish, most of us follow a pattern. We figure out what the end result is and we attempt to make a plan to get there. I want to run a marathon, so I’m joining a run group. I want to star in a play so I’ll take acting lessons once a week. Or, since this is the CrossFit blog, I want to get a pull up so I write out a schedule to follow the pull up progression chart. Then, we start intensely focusing on that ultimate goal. Crossing that finish line after 26.2 miles. An audience applauding our performance, or getting our chin over that bar for the first time. All amazing accomplishments, all moments of glory that last literally that... moments. Months of training, hours upon hours of memorizing lines or staying after class, all for that one moment of greatness. And what do we usually do during those hours and months? We complain. We whine, we cry, we make excuses... we basically make ourselves miserable attempting to accomplish something that we CHOSE to do.

What if we stopped spending so much energy focused on that end result and we focused on how to enjoy the steps that we needed to take to get there, and why the heck we started on the journey in the first place? What if we changed our mindset to embrace all of the smaller, mundane tasks it takes to reach our goals? What if everytime we wanted to complain or whine, we reminded ourselves that we chose to do this and that our “why” is so much more important than the negativity we’re feeling in that moment. It feels incredible to reach a goal you’ve been working towards, but it feels even more incredible to live a life where all of the days in between have meaning and purpose. That end result will feel even better when you can look back at your journey to get there as something joyful and worthwhile. The view from the top of the mountain might be amazing, but the time you spent hiking up there with friends is what makes the trip memorable. Keep reaching for your moments of glory, embrace the inbetween, and have a wonderful start to 2018!

Workout for Friday, December 29
Open Workout 11.5
20 min AMRAP
5 Power cleans (145/100)
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall balls (20# to 10' / 14# to 9')

CrossFit 616