Monday, December 4

I get asked all the time about which podcasts I listen to so I thought I'd link to the ones I listen to regularly about CrossFit, weightlifting, and fitness.

1. The WODcast Podcast - You might not learn a ton from this one, but it can be pretty entertaining and they get really interesting guests from the CrossFit world. (lots of dirty language and topics in this one)

2. Scale as Needed - from the Floelite team, they talk fitness and then usually move into TV and movie talk halfway through. Right up my alley.

3. Weightlifting Life - two of the best weightlifting coaches in the US answer questions and rant about the sport. Great advice from Greg Everett and Ursula Garza.

4. Icon Athlete - Chris Spealler's podcast. It's usually pretty entertaining as they discuss some of the unwritten rules of CrossFit and how to approach training for different individuals.

5. Barbell Shrugged - I don't listen as often as I used to, but definitely tune in when they have a guest I want to know more about. And they get some really good guests at times.

6. The Body of Knowledge - Not an ongoing podcast week to week, but check out the series if you want to understand the science of training, nutrition and more. The host, Dr. Andy Galpin is currently my favorite resource for all sciency fitness things.

Hope this list gives you some things to try. Most of these will have some rough language, but if you can get past that you'll hopefully learn some stuff or at least be entertained a bit.

And if you have some good ones that aren't on this list, please send them my way!

Workout for Monday, December 4
Strict Press
3X10 - Build to Heavy Set of 10
2 Sets of Max Effort Reps at 80% of 10 rep Max

13 min AMRAP
25 T2B
50 Double Unders
8 Squat Cleans (185/125)

CrossFit 616