Tuesday, December 5

We have some core work today in the not-for-time work including hollow rocks or holds. If you don't understand the importance of the hollow body, then you're missing a key component to a lot of the movements we do.

We use the term gymnastics to refer to all of the bodyweight movements we do in CrossFit. Push ups, pull ups, muscle ups, handstand pushups and more all fall into this category and all of them use some form of the hollow body position.

Check out the CrossFit Gymnastics post below so you can see the different types of hollow holds and body shapes used in gymnastics. Look how easily their bodies move through space when everything is held tightly together.

Your ability to hold shapes will make everything you do easier in the gymnastics movements and the big lifts like squatting or deadlifting. 

Don't take this work lightly - it's the little things that can make a huge difference in mastering that next skill or lifting more weight.


Workout for Tuesday, December 5
15 min NFT
5X10 Banded Rotations on Rig (each side)
Accumulate 4 min of Hollow Rocks or Hold
Complete 5 Single Arm Farmer's Carries (25' down R + 25' back L)

For Time:
Row 2K
EMOM 5 Burpees

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